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Yorkshire Occupational Therapy use a variety of neurological rehab techniques, depending on your condition and circumstances.

We address difficulties with mobility, strength, proprioception, balance, cognition and fatigue. Our techniques can maintain function in chronic conditions, and promote recovery in acute phases of illness.

Neurological Rehabilitation  -

Over 1 in 3 adults aged over 65 have falls each year in the UK. To some people, this is a one off occurrence. However, many fall regularly due to their illness or disability.

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy use a variety of methods to reduce and control the risk of falls. We work with individuals on their mobility, balance, and confidence. We also look at ways of modifying and adapting the environment to reduce risks. Specialist equipment can also be provided.

Falls Prevention  -

Activities of Daily Living / Functional Rehab  -

Examples of Our Methods

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy are highly skilled and experienced at providing the treatment and rehabilitation that you need. We use our excellent assessments and reports to put your treatment into action. A variety of treatment and rehab methods are used to meet your specific needs.

We also specialise in our knowledge of specialist equipment and adaptations. This can allow you to compensate for any functional problems, and allow you to maintain independence. We are not tied to one company, or manufacturer of specialist equipment - this means we get you the best products, and save you money.

Treatments, Rehab and Equipment

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We work with people who struggle to participate in sport due to disability or illness. We use methods to de-construct sporting activities, and to structure participation in a manner that overcomes boundaries caused by disability. We also work on strength, mobility, speed and co-ordination to improve performance.

Yorkshire OT work with sportsmen and women to promote optimal performance through lifestyle management and coaching. We use a psychosocial method in analysing their barriers to success.

Sports Therapy/Training -

Psychosocial Therapy  -

Many illnesses and disabilities cause high levels of fatigue. Although this may be unavoidable, it is not impossible to manage and improve.

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy use a variety of techniques including, pacing, prioritisation, energy conservation and occupational planning to address problems with fatigue.

We use occupation, tasks and activities to maintain and improve your functional skills. In short, we use everyday jobs to enable you to keep doing what you want to do.

We break down each task and activity into components, allowing us to identify the problems you are experiencing. We then use a variety of methods to overcome such challenges.

Have you ever felt that you are not being involved in your healthcare? Not only is this poor practice but it is contrary to proven rehab methods.

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy can use an educative approach to teach you about your condition. We use current, evidence based practice to achieve this. We then empower you to collaboratively design your therapy, and to overcome the challenges you face.

Educative Approach  -

Fatigue Management  -

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Many people experience emotional challenges when dealing with their disability, illness or life experiences. Other people experience mental illness. Whatever the reason or cause, Yorkshire OT can help.

We are not councillors or psychotherapists. Instead, we take a holistic approach in identifying the challenges you are facing, and seek solutions that actually make a difference in your life. Consider us as professionals using proven psychological theory, mixed with real life application of interventions that will provide you with methods to use in your everyday life.