We assess the needs of individuals who live in care settings. We work with the client directly, improving their function and independence.

We also work with the homes directly, to assist with moving and handling guidelines, 'challenging behaviour' and other physical/psychosocial needs. Specialist training can also be tailored and delivered to care staff.

Residential and Nursing Homes  -

Clients, family members and carers are all at risk of injury or harm if correct moving and handling principles aren't followed.

We assess for, and provide clear guidelines of how to best meet an individuals moving and handling needs.

Moving and Handling  -

 We provide a thorough assessment of your needs for assistive aids and          adaptations to your property. Independently sourcing such products and adaptations can be expensive, and difficult to identify what's best for you. We provide specialist, independent advice to ensure that you don't waste money, and that you are truly benefited by such products and adaptations.

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy carry out thorough assessments and provide detailed reports. It is through this assessment, planning and reporting that the best therapy can take place, ensuring the best outcomes for you.

We provide assessments and reports for a range of people, who have a range of healthcare needs. Please see 'Who We Help' for examples of the people we work with.

Our assessments and reports can be tailored for use by other healthcare professionals, or as easy to read guidelines for every day use by the client.

Assessments and Reports

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If your involvement in sport and exercise is impacted by your illness, disability or learning disability, we can help.

We assess the barriers to participation, create action plans to implement involvement, and can provide therapy to increase functioning and skills.

Sports and Exercise  -

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy provide detailed assessments and subsequent rehabilitation programmes. These are designed to promote recovery and independence following illness or injury.

We provide clear daily, weekly and monthly activities to maintain and improve function, and to promote recovery where possible.

Rehab Programmes  -

 We provide a full assessment and detailed report as to the effects of your condition on your housing needs. We can recommend the type of property you require, and any associated adaptations to the property.

We can work with local authorities, housing associations and other organisations to ensure your housing needs are met.

Housing Assessment  -

Aids and Adaptations  -  

Examples of Reports Provided

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