Reasons to Choose Yorkshire Occupational Therapy

> Skilled, enthusiastic and experienced therapists.

> No waiting lists.

> Accurate reports to identify real needs.

> Competitive rates with discounts and therapy packages available.

> We have working partnerships with other specialist health professionals if needed.

> Flexible appointment times.

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy Standards

> A professional, courteous and caring service provided at all times.

> Your unique wants and needs will always be our priority.

> To reduce the social, emotional and financial costs of illness or disability in your life.

> To build long term relationships based upon trust.

> To ensure up to date evidence based practice.

> To inspire you to independence.

Message from the Managing Director

Welcome to Yorkshire Occupational Therapy. The company was formed to improve the lives of every day people. People who want to take control of their life for longer. We will help you to overcome the challenges imposed by illness or disability.

At Yorkshire Occupational Therapy, we assist you in the journey to independence, health and wellbeing. May I urge you to contact us to see how we can help. We are excited to support you in your life.

Jon Tilley - Yorkshire Occupational Therapy.

About Us

Yorkshire Occupational Therapy have experience in a wide range of areas, working for the NHS, Social Services and in the private sector. Your occupational therapist will be registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council, and be a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists.

We specialise in both physical and mental health services. We ensure a holistic approach to assessment, taking care to identify and meet your unique needs. We provide thorough assessments, detailed reports and productive therapy.


Telephone:  01482 784998 / 07495940334

     Yorkshire Occupational Therapy

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